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I am the Venue Manager of Cold Saturday Farm [ @coldsaturdayfarm ] in Finksburg Maryland and could not love my job anymore than I do.


During my time here, I have met some incredibly warm and welcoming industry professionals who have no idea how talented they are.

This is not my first career path. I am a retired cardiac ultrasonographer who unfortunately tore her shoulder from overuse and poor working conditions in a Baltimore hospital during COVID. I have always loved helping people who may feel a little out of depth, providing a listening ear and doing a bit of hand holding if it makes a difference in someone's life.

I am so grateful for this turn of life events as it led me to this opportunity and community.

I have always been a planner, even as a kid l'd want to know everything about where we were going on vacation so l could research and make my own itinerary. I have always been an entrepreneur, listening to peoples dilemmas and looking for ways to proactively solve them. Lastly, I have always been thorough and passionate about making the most of every experience ahead.

I developed The Fancyfarmfling as a way to help couples [I see and meet a lot of them!] planning a big event feel confident, as well as create community within this sometimes extremely tiring and isolating social media heavy industry. It's true, it really IS all in who you know and I want everyone to find their people.

Thanks for reading my lil blurb, hope to work with you in the future in some capacity. I service the Central MD and Northern Va areas, and love working on venues with lots of outdoor space! Thank you to all of the amazing people and businesses I have met who have just been an absolute pleasure. Big things are to come for us all.


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