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The Real MVPs: 3 Event Fairy Godparents

Updated: Apr 25

Your Wedding Day Can Either Be An Absolute Fairy Tale, Or A Horror Film. Invest In These 3 Vendors first to ensure the success of your day is watched over and protected.

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Selecting the right vendors for your wedding day can truly make all the difference. From the florist who brings your vision to life with stunning arrangements to the photographer who captures every precious moment, each vendor plays a pivotal role in creating the perfect atmosphere and ensuring that your day runs smoothly. Their expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail contribute to the overall success and unforgettable memories of your special day. Choosing vendors who align with your vision and values can elevate your wedding experience and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

While every vendor is important, here are your key players and why.


Highly recommend. That is all.

There are different tiers and levels of involvement that a Day Of Coordinator or Planner will have in the months leading up to your wedding, but they are all essentially there to do the same thing on the actual event day: To keep mayhem at bay, and you having the time of your life.

A day-of coordinator is an essential asset for ensuring the organization and smooth execution of your wedding day. With their expertise and attention to detail, they take the reins on the big day, allowing you to relax and fully immerse yourself in the celebration. From coordinating vendor arrivals and managing the timeline to troubleshooting any last-minute issues, a day-of coordinator ensures that every aspect of your wedding runs seamlessly. Their presence provides peace of mind, allowing you to cherish each moment without worrying about the logistics, ultimately ensuring that your wedding day is as stress-free and memorable as possible.

Side Note: It is important to know the difference between your Day Of Coordinator, and a Venue Manager! These are two completely different titles. Both of these professionals should be able to provide you with an organized bulleted list if their official duties so you know who to expect doing what.


The energy and enthusiasm of your wedding photographer are crucial elements that can truly make or break the day. Their vibrant spirit and passion for their craft not only elevate the mood but also inspire genuine moments and emotions to be captured. A photographer's enthusiasm sets the tone for the entire event, creating an atmosphere of excitement and joy that reflects in the photos. Their infectious energy helps to put everyone at ease, encouraging natural interactions and ensuring that every precious moment is beautifully preserved for years to come.

While event photography can indeed come with a price tag, investing in a professional photographer is essential for capturing the essence of your special day. Their expertise ensures high-quality images that will be cherished for a lifetime. Additionally, professional photographers will provide reliable photo delivery timelines, ensuring you receive your images as promptly as possible. They are excited to share the galleries, too! Moreover, having an emergency backup plan in place, such as a secondary photographer or substitute, mitigates the risk of any unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, ensuring that your memories are captured without interruption. Make sure this is in our contract.

Having a content creator capturing iPhone footage on your wedding day adds a unique and valuable dimension to your memories. Their ability to capture spontaneous moments in real-time provides an authentic and candid perspective that complements professional photography and cinematic videography. With social media-ready images delivered in less than 24 hours, you can instantly share the joy and excitement of your wedding day with friends and family. Additionally, the use of iPhone footage and candid polaroids allows guests to stay present and hands-free, ensuring that they fully immerse themselves in the celebration without the distraction of traditional cameras.

"[If I could go back I'd] hire a content creator to be able to have more photos while waiting for professional photos." – Kayla H., 2021-2023 F3 Nationwide US Bride Survey


A professional DJ who can read the vibe of the dancefloor is essential for keeping the party alive and ensuring your guests are thoroughly entertained. Their ability to intuitively sense the energy of the crowd allows them to seamlessly transition between songs, keeping the dancefloor packed and the momentum high throughout the event. With their expertise in music selection and crowd interaction, a skilled DJ creates an electric atmosphere that keeps guests engaged and eager to hit the dancefloor, ensuring a memorable and unforgettable celebration for all.

A DJ or emcee plays a vital role in orchestrating the flow of your event, from announcing important moments like the first dance and cake cutting to keeping the energy high and the atmosphere lively. Their friendly demeanor and engaging personality set the tone for the celebration, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and included throughout the event. With their expert guidance and seamless transitions, a skilled DJ or emcee creates a sense of cohesion and excitement that keeps everyone entertained and ensures that your special day unfolds smoothly and joyfully.

"I wish the DJ would have listened to my request for certain songs. He missed some very important moments because he played what he normally does instead of what I requested." – Allie R., 2021-2023 F3 Nationwide US Bride Survey

100% of brides who hired a band said it was worth the money according to data collected from our 300 person 2021-2023 Nationwide US Bride Survey. This is likely because a band is INVESTED in you, it is not just a quick gig. Their work is a full production and requires a lot of planning. A live band puts on a show, while a mediocre DJ plays a playlist as background noise.

As a Venue Manager, we understand that some couples are more budget conscious than others and a big time DJ just isn't realistic. But please do at least hire one if you are going to host a >100 guest wedding. We do not recommend putting on a Spotify playlist on a bluetooth speaker.

Weddings Can Be Expensive, and Most Clients Have An Established Budget. But For Goodness Sake, Allocate Funds To These 3 Key Vendors. You'll Thank Us Later! Bippity Boppity!

For a recommended vendor list, visit our vendor section of our website or contact us directly to request a contact sheet.

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